News, Politics, and Entertainment: The Broad Field of Journalism

Research shows that journalism is a very broad field. According to, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there are journalism types by medium and message. The types by medium are print journalism, photojournalism, broadcast journalism, and multimedia journalism. Some popular types by message are beats such as, sports, business, politics, arts and culture, education, and crime. focuses on news, politics, entertainment, and fashion. News is defined as newly received, noteworthy information. Political journalism is defined as a broad branch of journalism that covers all aspects of politic and political science. ( Entertainment journalism is defined as coverage of news and events within industries of film, television, music, live events, video games, and others.

When dealing with news, it is important to remember the who, what, when, where, and why. This is otherwise known as “The Five W’s”. Former editor in chief of the Pine Needle Newspaper at UNC Pembroke, Sara Owen, provided a lot of insight on news writing.

                  “To write a good news story you need to remember to, first, do your research and check your information twice before submitting. Second, keep your opinions out of it and remain objective. A journalists job is to tell the story as it is based on facts, not to give a biased version. Third, be ready to put yourself on the line for your story, your editor, and your sources. If you promise anonymity and you get told to give up your source, you need to be prepared to keep your word, even if that means getting in real life trouble. A true journalist will remain true to his or her word”, Owen said.

Judging by the looks of the things, political journalists are in for a interesting year. The 2016 presidential candidates are one of the most talked about topics in politics right now. The presidential election will surely be one to remember.

“The presidential race has become a big show of who can shock the viewers more, which is why Donald Trump gets so much more air time than someone like Bernie Sanders who doesn’t do anything for shock value. Trump gets attention for being entertaining in his own right. He is basically a walking personification of the 7 news values. He is a celebrity, of sorts, who does bizarre things and says things that affect people”, Owen said.

According to the career insight on, entertainment journalists dig up the stories of the latest Hollywood developments and follow the progress of next year’s major game releases, all for the anxious fans and enthusiasts who clamor for more. A great writer becomes an authority on the entertainment industry, a trusted source of information and insight. In the broad field of journalism, anything is possible.

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My Website, from a Journalistic Perspective

As a journalist, I felt that it was important to create a website that focused on different topics. My website features topics such as entertainment, news, fashion, and political. There is also a freestyle section that can feature stories about anything that comes to mind. The overall theme of the website, is the freedom to be creative in journalism. I’m not referring to creative writing, because there is a difference between the two.

According to an article by Angelo Lorenzo, journalism and creative writing are two opposite ends of the literary rope. Their difference is grounded on the fact that journalism relies heavily on the truth, facts, current events, and knowledge. Creative writing, on the other hand, comprises much on art, fiction, and imagination. This is why these two ends don’t meet. (Lorenzo, 2014)

The first topic featured on my website is entertainment. Author, Goran Bolin wrote an article that discussed television journalism, politics, and entertain, entertainment. In the article, the author noted that journalism is said to be increasingly subsumed an economic logic, privileging entertainment before serious journalistic practices. The article goes further to say that it is often pointed to a changed relation between journalism and politicians, where the latter have lost some of their power, for example, in political debates. This article relates these two trends and argues, against a field model inspired by Bourdieu, that it is not entertainment that is eating its way into journalism, but the other way around. (Bolin, 2014)

News is a big deal in the world we live in, because something is always happening.According to Lorenzo, news articles, feature stories, sports news, and many others found in broadsheets and tabloids belong to journalism. He noted that in this side of writing, the writer must gather credible sources to write informational truth behind current issues. The issues should contain reliable facts that tell the masses any ongoing circumstance or situations happening in the community, country, and the world. It’s typical news. It should be informative, honest, and un-biased. I chose to include fashion and political stories on website because these are two popular topics today. (Lorenzo, 2014)



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