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A Diabetic Story

IMG_6724 A simple sports physical led to a day that David Cobb will never forget. After having his blood drawn, he became lightheaded and sat down abruptly. Alarmed, the doctor checked his urine sample to see if there were any issues. To David’s surprise, there was a big problem. The doctor found glucose in his urine. Not a good sign. Just weeks later, after fighting for his life in  the ICU at Cape Fear Valley Hospital,  David was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was 18 years old and a freshman at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

“It was defintely a shock. I thought I was healthy. I didn’t even know what diabetes was at the time”, David said.

David would have never know how sick he was if it was not for him being unable to complete to a PT test during Air Force ROTC at Pembroke. This caused him to go home for the weekend to reboot. During his visit at home, David enjoyed a browie sunday at the popular restaurant Chili’s. Following the outing, which included his parent’s and his cousin, David went to his cousins house. While there, he fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up, everyone asked was okay, thinking he was just sleepy.

“I was actually completely passed out, but no one knew”, he said.

He passed out a second time. When he awoke the second time, David decided to go home and excercise to see if he would feel any different. He knew something was wrong, but he was avoiding it.

“My dad had me to check my blood sugar, and it was unreadable, so from there is when I went to the hospital and recieved my diagnosis”, David said.

Since finding out he has diabetes, David has been taking good care of himself to stay healthy. He is currently using a pump to provide insulin.

“I have diabetes, diabetes doesn’t have me”, he said.