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Carolina Market: Back by Popular Demand

Carolina Farmers Market, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, has been serving the community for over six years in the location it’s in today. Over the years, the customer numbers have increased significantly. Several thefts occurred during the Christmas season, which causes issues with the management, but with the help of the county, the market is back up and running with better security.

“People get desperate during the Christmas season so they feel the need to steal Christmas tree’s. It’s sad but it happens all the time. I feel bad the the market went through that because that’s money lost, customer, Debra Branam said.

Although the market faced a few losses, it didn’t stop them from coming back.  Their customers depend on them for their gardening needs. Even when the rain comes, many customers come out to get their favorite plants and flowers for the Spring.

“I only get my flowers from here. The people are friendly and help me to find what I need to find. That’s why I write to the county representatives to make sure they come back every year, loyal customer, Terry Cobb said.

Spring is the season of flowers, which make them a popular demand. Carolina Farmers Market provides the tools needed for gardener’s, nurseries, and anyone with a green thumb.

Carolina Farmers Market is located in an area of high traffic. The only disadvantage of this fact is that customers are often blocked from the entrance of the market. Customer’s are raising concerns about the location of the market.

“There are accidents on this road almost every other day. I come to the market every other day to see what’s new. One time I waited for about 45 minutes to get into the parking lot. I think relocation is a good idea”, Renee McRae said.